What’s Included in a Grand Piano Tuning?

We specialize in something called “stretch tuning” for grand pianos. Sounds like a workout for your piano, right? Well, it’s not about stretching the piano itself, but rather fine-tuning each note so your piano sounds its best.

Grand piano being played by woman in white dress

What is stretch tuning?

Here’s a simple explanation. Imagine you’re on a see-saw with a friend. To have fun, you both need to be balanced, right? Similarly, stretch tuning is all about balancing the sound of your piano. It makes the lower and higher notes sound better together. Without stretch tuning, your grand piano might not sound as grand as it should!

At Claire’s Player Pianos, our professional tuners don’t just tune your piano, they make sure it sings. And our “stretch tuning” service is all about that – making your grand piano sing in perfect harmony.

Action Parts Service for Your Grand Piano

We also check and service the action parts of your piano. You might be wondering, what are “action parts”? These are the moving parts that make the sound when you press a key. It’s essential to keep these parts in top condition for the best performance.

We Clean and Polish Your Grand Piano

Our tuning package includes a thorough cleaning and polish for your grand piano, both inside and out. We don’t just want your piano to sound amazing, we want it to look great too!. We take care of every little detail, from the keys to the cast-iron plate, to make sure your piano looks as good as it sounds.

We don’t just tune your piano – we care for it. With our specialized stretch tuning, cleaning, and servicing, we make sure your grand piano is always ready to create beautiful music. 

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