What is Stretch Tuning?

As a piano tuning company, we often get asked about the different types of tuning methods. One method that you may have heard of is “stretch tuning.” But what exactly is stretch tuning?

The Basics of Stretch Tuning

Stretch tuning is a technique used to tune a piano so that it is in tune with itself across all registers. In a traditional tuning, the notes are tuned to an equal temperament, which means that each note is spaced evenly apart. However because of the properties of piano strings, the instrument might sound off-key, particularly in the high and low pitch ranges.

Why Stretch Tuning Matters

To address this issue, stretch tuning involves adjusting the tuning of each note slightly so that the intervals between notes are stretched or compressed. This helps to ensure that the piano sounds in tune across all registers.

Who Benefits from Stretch Tuning

Stretch tuning is especially important for pianos that are used for professional recordings or performances, where even the slightest tuning discrepancy can be noticeable. It can also be beneficial for older pianos or pianos with non-standard string scaling.

Experience the Difference with Clare’s Player Pianos

At Clare’s Player Pianos, we understand the importance of having a piano that sounds its best. That’s why we focus exclusively on stretch tuning to ensure that your piano produces the beautiful, harmonious sounds you love. See a list of the services we offer.

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