Make Your Player Piano
Sound Like New


Out of Tune

Just like a regular piano, player pianos need a regular tuning every six months.

Certain Keys Don't Play

Player pianos have all the internal elements of a regular piano, plus the player mechanism that activates the keys. Both the piano components and the player components need to be in good working order for all of the keys to activate.

Pedals Are Hard To Pump

Traditional player pianos are powered by a set of foot pedals. Once we get the internal elements of your player piano working well, the pedals will be easy to pump.

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Antique Pneumatic Player Piano Service In Texas

Player pianos are a wonderful historic instrument. Invented in the 1800's, these instruments are also known as pianolas.

My grandfather, Everett Clare, began restoring his first player piano over sixty years ago. It is now my privilege to carry on the family business.

There are two types of player pianos: electric, and pneumatic (air-powered). We are one of the few remaining companies that still services and restores both types of player pianos, as well as the standard pianos.


Piano Tuning and Servicing

While our specialty is the old-fashioned foot-pedal operated player pianos, we service all types of pianos regardless of age or style.

Restoration Service

An old piano can be an important way of preserving your family's history. Our careful restoration process will have your family heirloom playing like new.

Player Pianos For Sale

We sell fully restored vintage player pianos. In an age where disposable electronics are the norm, buck the trend and purchase an instrument that will last for generations.

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My Pledge To You

I guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your piano service or I will make it right.

If you ever have any problems after I service your piano, call me and I'll come out free of charge to address your concerns.


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